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Landesgruppe Berlin der Deutschen Sektion e.V.

Accommodation in Berlin


The main part of questions ask to us are about staying in Berlin. For a few nights, bigger travel groups or even months / semester abroad.

So here are some hints and references:

1. Unfortunately the housing situation in Berlin, as capitol of Germany, has worsen over the last years. Even for residentials it is difficult to obtain affordable living space.

2. Our engagement is proportional to the number of visiting IPA-members AND the remaining time before your visit.

(Here are some invented negative examples: "Im searching for a friend/a relative/a travel group of 78-non-IPA-members and me..."; "We are arriving tomorrow. It is possible to obtain assistance for the next two weeks?")

3. IPA-friends from other than the German section please use the Travel Information Form of your section, who will provide it to the German section who spread them further. For example the TIF from Germany. Please mind enough time for this to happen. Approbiate were 6, in words six, months before the visit! 

4. There is an IPA-flat with two sleeping berths in Berlin. Contact informations here.

5. For travel groups of all size we recommend corresponding Internet search enginges and portals (search words: hotel, hostel). Those search portals in Germany charge normally 15%, so feel free to book directly.

6. For longer stays there are also search enginges and portals (search words: hostel, WG, flat share).